Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finally - Pictures!

Crazy Kodiak the Easter Bunny. Kodiak is such a good sport.

All 160 pounds of him. He loves to play "dress-up" with Ryann.

Doesn't Ryann have the cutest bunny face!

Kendall's eye after meeting the rocking chair. Thanks Grandpa!

Finally Grandpa Russell sent us an Easter Egg Hunt picture. L to R: Liz holding Ryann; Lacey, Trenton, Dylann, Rylie, Haydon, Kendall; Payton, Dayson, Lilly and Marco.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog by clicking "next blog", saying hello. Very cute, I like the bunny ears on the dog. Also, those cupcakes look awesome and yummy.

kitty said...


Ronda said...

I agree with kitty, GOOD! Hahaha, I looooove the SIG! I'm gonna have to copy ya! I hope you don't miss me this week. PS I have stuff for you in my car.