Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School is IN!

Yeah for SCHOOL! I know I am not the only mother out there who is super duper EXCITED that school has begun! It's ok, admit it!
Here are the CRAZY STAPEL kids on their first day back:
But first, my disclaimer: Yes, Kendall is on the ground posing on our weathering sidewalk. Yes, the younger ones picked out their own outfits, did their own hair and I let them! (As everyday is an adventure around here, I have found it best not to fight over what matches and what is just plain hideous! The latter usually makes it out the door on Ryann!)
Rylie - officially a Sophomore! Driver's Ed third trimester - YIKES!
Dylann - 8th Grade. This is her last year in middle school :(
Kendall - 5th Grade. Her last year in elementary!
Ryann - 2nd Grade! Holy Moley! Don't you just love the leg-pop!
And our Cousin Tater! Payton - 2nd Grade. Isn't she darling!


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